top ten list

10. Carry liability and property insurance.

9. Dress in tuxedo at formal affairs.

8. Offer a written contract.

7. Play your musical requests.

6. Be ready by the specified start time

5. Be registered as a business

4. Use only professional equipment.

3. Strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

2. Back-up sound equipment is available on-site.


1. The knowledge of how to run a first class wedding from start to finish.


10. Chicken outfits & Y.M.C.A. hats.

9. DJ’s smoking or drinking alcohol..

8. The “Bride cuts the cake” song.

7. Offensive music.

6. Blow-up instruments.

5. Singing Disc Jockeys.

4. People having trouble talking during dinner.

3. Songs that will clear a dance floor.

2. Smoke or strobe lights.


1. Anything that reminds you of “The Wedding Singer”.

top ten list

10. Personalized attention to the bride & groom.

9. Fun music without bringing down your guests’ IQ level.

8. Pleasant cocktail and dinner music played at a reasonable level.

7. A smoothly run reception.

6. Courtesy toward and reasonable requests taken from your guests.

5. The proper mix of music for all of your guests.

4. Music that is clear and balanced from state of the art equipment.

3. Master of Ceremonies dressed in a tuxedo using esthetically pleasing equipment.

2. The party of a lifetime that you will always remember.


1. Special!

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